breakfast in paradise

hi hi,

finally getting some content on this blog! today I wanted to share a quick, easy, BUT healthy breakfast (;

now, I am not much of a BIG breakfast person (unless I am going out and will then treat myself), but sometimes my typical fruit & coffee just isn’t enough. I threw this together last week after getting a quick morning workout in!


on the left is a bowl of Delish Girl Granola, Organic Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Mik from Whole Foods, and chia seeds from Trader Joe’s. I didn’t really measure when putting it together, but I personally like when the granola is able to soak in the almond milk..YUM!

I have to say that the Delish Girl Granola was so good and I was a huge fan of the ingredients:

clean, simple, and delicious! I will have to order more since my mother recieved this as a gift from a friend.

paired with my breakfast was a coffee with two packets of Truvia and creamer–> I won’t even leave the link because I need to find a new, HEALTHIER option..any suggestions?

anyways, I will leave you with that! any other breakfast suggestions? do tell!

enjoy your Monday evening! off to attempt to watch Bachelor in Paradise (;

x Kristen


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