[New Year’s Resolutions]

I freaking LOVE New Years. Not because of the parties and blah blah blah, but because of the resolutions. I genuinely love making lists/goals/whatever term you prefer for the year ahead. Last year, one of my first posts on the day dreamer (yes, all lowercase) was dedicated to my resolutions. I have to admit that I don’t remember all of them (oops), but I currently have my 2016 goals typed out in a note on my phone so I can hold myself accountable for them.

So, five days in advance, here we go:

1.When eating out, eat half: It’s no secret that in the U.S. portion sizes are out of control. While I love and advocate indulging in foods you love, it really comes down to an issue of health. And whenever I eat out, I tend to eat until I’m stuffed. So number one, I HATE that feeling, two, I want to work on portion control, and three, my favorite blogger TSC, does it (;

2.Wear MY OWN clothes: I think this was a resolution last year (lol), but yeahhhhh, I tend to steal from my sister A Sprinkle of Kate the most. It drives her crazy (I don’t blame her), so I will try my best not to take (;

3.Take better care of my hair: Whenever I go to the hair salon, they scold me for my hair breakage and flat iron usage. I don’t want to spend crazy cash on hair products, but I definitely believe that the good quality ones will save you in the long run. I just purchased some products from Bumble & Bumble. Can’t wait til they arrive!

4.More self-compassion and care: I read an article the other day on (The Odyssey), where a girl’s New Year’s Resolution is to love herself more. HELL YES! We are all people. And we are all doing our best. And we, just as ourselves, is much much more than enough. We don’t need to lose weight, be prettier, make more money, blah blah blah. That doesn’t guarantee happiness. It’s the people and relationships in your life that do.

Alright, well enough of my beautiful rambling for now (; Enjoy the evening and stay safe! For real. xx

love only, Kristen



2 thoughts on “[New Year’s Resolutions]

  1. #3 Take better care of my hair!! OMG! I need to do this too. I spend $200 getting my hair done then treat it like crap. Bumble and Bumble makes the BEST deep conditioner that saves my hair after months of neglecting it.


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