Why I Eat Fruit for Breakfast

I eat fruit for breakfast. every. single. day.

And I love it.

However, my dietician doesn’t. I understand and am fully aware that our bodies need a balance of fruits and vegetables, starches, and protein through out the day (fat and dairy too!). BUT, I physically feel better eating a smaller breakfast.

In addition to fruit, I neeeed coffee. And not just for the caffeine. I < 3 the taste..my friends think I’m crazy because I’ll drink decaf sometimes. (I will do a post about how I sweeten my coffee).

According to this website , here are 5 reasons why you should eat fruit for breakfast:

  1. It’s a great way to “break the overnight fast” in a gentle way. It will wake the digestive system and metabolism up without the “harsh jolt” of a fatty meal.
  2. The natural fruit sugars will keep your brain sharp and energized (as long as you eat enough of it!)
  3. You’re body is detoxing the most between 7-11 a.m., so eating fruit during this time period “ensures healing energy is being used for detoxification rather than being wasted on digesting heavy fatty foods”.
  4. It promotes…umm, excuse my french but BIG bowel movements.The fiber in fruit clears the colon, leaving YOU light and ready to go (;
  5. People who eat only fruit for breakfast have been shown to be leaner, healthier, and more productive through out the day…now who doesn’t want that?!

By all means, if you have a breakfast routine that works for you..keep on! This is just my suggestion (:

more to come, talk soon,

xx kc

(btw..I think I am secretly Khloe Kardashian lol)




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