back 2 skewl



Can we talk for a sec about how anxious I am to go back to school?! My university is on the quarter system, so I don’t actually start classes until after Labor Day (love that), but the nerves are starting to hit me now.

This will be my first semester at this particular university. My freshman year of college I attended a big state school, and after returning to that same school for a few weeks for my sophomore year, I made the decision to come home to deal with some personal health issues. I am so lucky to have such amazing parents that allowed me to come home and picked me up with no questions asked.

So this upcoming year is a whole new experience. I will be living in an apartment (eek!), going to a city school not too far from home, and starting a brand new major. All of that, along with making new friends, is already making me want to run for the hills. BUT, I am reminding myself this can also be an amazing experience, if I put myself out there while also staying true to who I am.

Updates to come. Wish me luck.



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