Oh the infamous “New Year’s Resolutions”

Okay, does anyone else feel like it was just January of 2014?! This year seriously flew by (so cray), but I am pretty excited that a fresh start is upon us. I am totally one for New Year’s resolutions, however, this year I am trying to be a bit more realistic with mine. While I am still coming up with ideas..here are some that I have so far:

  • Stop mooching off of my sister– I seriously steal all of her clothes ,her makeup, and well, pretty much anything in her room. I don’t know how she is so patient with me. But hey, that’s what sisters are for right? (;

P.S…follow her blot at http://asprinkleofkate.blogspot.com

  • Wear “real” clothes– Umm yeaaahh, I definitely wear sweatshirts and yoga pants TOO much. While they are great for lounging around at home, I think it’s time I start dressing more like an adult on a regular basis (eek!).
  • Eat more mindfully– I think this is so important, but it will definitely take some work. Mindfulness is such a key element in our daily lives (in my opinion), and I plan on practicing it more through out my daily activities.

Welp, that’s all I’ve got so far! What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Any fabulous New Year’s Eve plans??

Let’s all enjoy 2015!



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